Paint.NET begets dotPDN LLC

I recently created an LLC for Paint.NET. I named it “dotPDN”, which is what you get if you say out loud the file extension for Paint.NET’s native file format, “.PDN”. After some quick iterating with a friend and some people on the forum, I even have a nice logo made completely in Paint.NET:

The “corporate website” (if you can call it that J) is at The text on the site, “our current projects include…” may seem to imply that I have other projects in the works. This isn’t the case, although I may resuscitate ListXP in order to have more than 1 project in that list J Which might be painful seeing as how the code sort of fell apart the last time I tried to compile it in Visual Studio 2005 … dang, I could really use that utility again in x64 land. Right click, List!

Some people might see this “dotPDN LLC” addition and think, “Oh my gosh! Did Paint.NET get bought out!? What’s going to happen?! Is it going to cost money now! Onoz!” Well, Paint.NET was not “bought out”, and I did not “sell out” to anyone. dotPDN LLC is my own Limited Liability Company and there will be no changes to how Paint.NET is distributed or developed. I’m still the one doing the coding, and I’m still the one calling the shots. The purpose of the LLC is mostly to serve as a legal shield for me: if someone wants to “sue Paint.NET” then they have to target the LLC and they can’t go after my personal assets (like my liquor!). I think it also has some tax benefits, but I’m going to let QuickBooks help me figure that part out.

Next up I need to set up various e-mail accounts, get a PO Box, and a new code signing certificate. Hopefully the next Paint.NET update you install will say that it’s digitally signed by “dotPDN LLC” instead of “Eric Brewster” J Total cost to set up the LLC was less than $1,000 USD, which includes going to and checking the boxes to have them basically do all of the grunt work for filing and paperwork. I also had to buy a bunch of domain names for “dotpdn” and “dotpdnllc”.


9 thoughts on “Paint.NET begets dotPDN LLC

  1. Steve says:


    You may already be aware (or not even care for that matter), but Firefox
    [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/] doesn’t seem to correctly handle your inline smiley face:


    I was scratching my head wondering why all the ‘J’s until I viewed the source and then launched the page in IE7 where I saw the correct glyph.

    Thanks for the blog entries; always nice to get some insight into the back story.

  2. Julio says:

    Je viens de télécharger le logiciel version 3.36.0, le téléchargement je crois qu’il s’est bien passé, mais impossible de l’ouvrir.
    J’ai voulu le désinstaller pour le télécharger à nouveau, impossible de le désinstaller “ERREUR IRRÉCUPÉRABLE LORS DE L’INSTALLATION”. Dites moi comment faire pour le désinstaller pour que je puisse le télécharger convenablement. j’ai un ordinateur portable ASUS avec WINDOWS XP.
    Merci de votre aide.
    Fait le 28 Janvier 2009

  3. Michael Ragsdale says:

    “I just downloaded the software Paint.NET version 3.36.0, download I think it went well, but impossible to open.
    I wanted to uninstall it to download again, impossible to remove “Fatal error during installation”. Tell me how to uninstall it so I can download it properly. I have an ASUS laptop with Windows XP.
    Thank you for your help.”
    ***Translated using Google Translate***

    Next time use the forums. Also, “ASUS Laptop running WinXP” doesn’t help any (amount of RAM? CPU speed? etc)

  4. Dango517 says:

    To whom it may concern.

    First off. I’m “not” plugging my website.

    I recently had a major problem installing your product. The most current version of .net framework 3.5 would not successfully install through Windows updates on my PC. (This problem lasted for months.) Without it would not install. I was able to resolve the issue by contacting MS and they repaired the problem, I think, maybe, maybe it fixed itself, maybe. Others may be having this problem as well.

    Please forward this message to those it may concern.

    I really like your product and recommend it. Keep up the good work.

  5. NetMage says:

    FYI, your smiley faces don’t work because your page is set to use character set Unicode (in Firefox View Page Info… yields charset=UTF-8) and Wingdings is not a Unicode font.

    You could switch your pages to ISO-8859-1 (untested suggestion) or you could use the Unicode equivalent: ☺
    (char 9786) found on this very nice page:

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