Paint.NET Tutorial Spotlight: Make Realistic Eyes, by Ash

“Ash,” a member of the Paint.NET forums since December, has been impressing everyone with what he’s been capable of doing with Paint.NET. For starters, his avatar picture is this image:

And yes, it was made completely in Paint.NET! You can find the full size version, along with several other of his “100% Paint.NET” creations, at his website here:

In any event, Ash has posted a tutorial on the forums titled: “Easiest way to make realistic eyes“. He makes use of the Shape3D plugin I mentioned before in order to produce the following:

Yes, this was created with Paint.NET! There aren’t very many steps required in order to make the eye, and you don’t even have to be very artistically inclined. The Shape3D plug helped a lot with the difficulty level, of course, but it’s very interesting to see plugins having such an enormous contribution to the utility of the program.

Here are some of the other noteworthy tutorials that Ash has published:


6 thoughts on “Paint.NET Tutorial Spotlight: Make Realistic Eyes, by Ash

  1. Ash says:

    Thank you for Paint.NET and the kind words 🙂
    I will try to do even better. (120% Paint.NET) !!

  2. SlitherGirl says:

    I just wanted to say, WOW! You. Are. Amazing.

    I’ve seen a lot of your works, and I’m stunned everytime! I saw that galaxy a little while ago… and it would rock my world if you made a tutorial on it!

    Also, some of that glass work and jem work, plus your skill with layering… You’re fantastic at this program, and an idol to many!

    ~Aspiring n00b

  3. Abdoo says:

    it is great job mate as u always u r the best

    note: to
    hw can i make a blog paint with

  4. Jee-sama says:


    Total nosebleed at your works. They are just…awesome. O.O

    Who I would kill to learn this stuff…

    *bows* Train me, Oh Ash-sensei! D:

    ~Someone from dA.

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