iPhone + 64-bit = Nope

There I was, hoping to get my new iPhone set up and to replace my RAZR which can’t even keep up with my typing, and then …

I’m using the x64 version of Windows Vista Ultimate. A small amount of digging online highlights the fact that the iPhone doesn’t work on 64-bit Windows. This fact is not listed on the box, nor on their website (oh woops, apparently it’s hidden deep within some random support document).

Way to go Apple! How hard could 64-bit support possibly be for a launch as big as this? Especially when Mac OS X Leopard has 64-bit trumpeted as one of its big new features, you’d think their engineers would spend the time to add support for it on the Windows side.


8 thoughts on “iPhone + 64-bit = Nope

  1. gubment_cheez says:

    I wonder if you can return it, and cancel your AT&T account and get you old RAZR phone/account back, all on Apple’s dime, since were passively misleading about their faulty product

  2. Michael says:

    Glad I didn’t get an iPhone…but then again, a free phone works just fine: I only use the cell phone to keep in touch with my sister so why spend $500 when a free* one does everything we need?

    * after rebates of course

  3. Alex @ says:

    Cheap and broke asses should not be concerned with this as you are too cheap and broke to even be looking at Apple website. Stick to payphone and pagers.

  4. Rick Brewster says:

    Wow Alex, thank you for that wonderfully insightful and intelligent comment. As for a payphone, sure, maybe I’d use one if I could remember the last time I’d seen one.

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