In my previous post, I lambasted the Apple iPad as a useless device.

Miguel de Icaza has a really good post praising the iPad:

This is a whole new space in which we can research, a new space that we can explore and where we can create a whole new class of computer/user interactions. With the new form factor, we can now create applications that just made no sense on the iPhone.

It is fascinating*.

And you know what? I agree with him: for developers who’re interested in writing touch-centric UI, the iPad is potentially a great* device.

Most people, however, will not be interested in this first revision of the iPad and should absolutely wait at least for iPad 2 or the next major OS revision. The feature set is still puny, and I think it’s far too expensive for what you get.

Personally, I’m not interested in writing an iPad application, but that’s because I’m more interested in what Windows 7 and multitouch can offer. It might have something to do with the fact that Paint.NET is a Windows app.

* not magical