I had a blog post earlier asking why some users had not installed SP3 for XP.

Anyway, the question here is similar: For those users of Windows Vista who haven’t installed SP1 or SP2, why? I receive many crash logs where the user is still on Vista “RTM”, and I can’t think of any reason for someone to be two service packs behind in their updates. For the upcoming v3.5.2, I plan on adding telemetry so that I can get real numbers on this, similar to how I am able to get statistics on OS version, CPU bitness, and locale.

In fact, there are two questions…

  • For those who are still on Vista “RTM”, why are you two service packs behind?  Why haven’t you installed SP1 or SP2?
  • For those are are on Vista SP1, why haven’t you installed SP2?

Part of the reason for asking this question should be obvious: I want to require SP1 (or even SP2!) as a minimum for Vista users (this would not affect XP users). This will reduce my test matrix, and give me more time for other things (like new features, and drinking beer).