As part of the version 3.30 release of Paint.NET, I have finally marked all of the code in PaintDotNet.exe as “internal” (instead of public). This code was supposed to be treated as internal implementation details of Paint.NET, but plugin authors were using the code anyway. So, at some point or another I was going to have to do this, and I chose version 3.30 as the ship vehicle.

(See, in Visual Studio 2003, which was the original development environment for Paint.NET, you couldn’t add an EXE as a reference. Then they added this capability in VS2005, but I didn’t catch on until later. So I had always assumed that plugins couldn’t access this stuff and so I didn’t need to mark it all as internal. Oops!)

Well, as it turns out, one of the most popular controls that was being used by plugins was the color wheel. You know, this thing:

This is causing many plugins to break, and I’ve been unmoving in allowing plugins to continue access it. However, KrisVDM on the forums had a reasonable request:

Rick, I don’t know if you followed the discussion on , but basically they’re begging and calling me names because I dropped the color wheel from the Drop Shadow UI.

I know I said so before, but I believe many effects and adjustments could benefit from a color wheel (or even two for my duotones) in the effect UI.

Would you please consider adding IndirectUI support for colors?

I told him I would look into it, and tonight I was able to crank out a control for this in about an hour:

It’s in private testing as we speak, and should have no trouble making it into the next beta update for v3.30. It should be a welcome addition for plugin authors.