This release fixes a few minor bugs and adds a new, much-needed Reduce Noise effect. You can get it from the website ( or via the built-in updater by going to Help -> Check for Updates. (Make sure that “Also check for beta releases” is enabled, by clicking on the “Options” button after clicking the “Check for Updates” menu item). Final release is tentatively scheduled for mid-January.


  • New: “Reduce Noise” effect.
  • Changed: Ctrl+W will now close Paint.NET if zero images are open.
  • Fixed: In Windows XP, when launching web content, sometimes Internet Explorer was used instead of the user’s chosen default browser.
  • Fixed: Unfocus was not handling alpha values properly.
  • Fixed: Brightness / Contrast adjustment was only displaying its text in English.
  • Fixed: The /auto parameter for the installer now correctly allows for an automated installation. This was inadvertantly broken in 3.20.