Don’t Forget To Accept Pounds!

Awhile ago I blogged about making sure you accept Euros in addition to U.S. dollars. I also blogged on Friday that I had [finally] added Australian dollars to the Paint.NET donations page. Several were quick to comment that I did not have British pounds on there, and so I also decided to put that on the donations page.

You see, the pound is worth even more than the Euro. The former is worth $1.9856 while the latter is currently at $1.4366. And, imagine my surprise when a significant percentage of new donations are now in pounds! In fact, over 30% of them are. The numbers seem smaller – 4 pounds here, 8 pounds there – but it is still good for people to be able to donate in whatever currency they are most comfortable with. With the conversion rates the way they are it generally ends up as a little bonus on my side anyway. The U.S. dollar is just not what it used to be.

So please donate to Paint.NET – just make sure you use anything except U.S. dollars 🙂 And if you’re setting up a donations page for your freeware or other project, you’d do good to accept as many types of currencies as your payment processor(s) will allow (for me, that is PayPal). I’m reminded of the comic by Mike Peters where the kid holds out her hand and asks her dad, “Can I have my allowance for this month?” The dad pulls out a wad of cash and she scowls, “…. in Euros.”
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2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Accept Pounds!

  1. ol says:

    Just a small note – we don’t accept Euros in the UK, so not sure why the UK flag is next to the Euro donation button? Keep up the good work though

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