So many Freeware Tips to write about …

After writing the first two articles in my “Making Money With Freeware” series, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are several cross-cutting topics that deserve separate treatment. Because, as you might expect and as an example, the first tip one should heed towards making money with freeware is to strive to have popular freeware application. Having a popular freeware project quite often also depends on it being a high-quality freeware project. And having a popular or high-quality freeware program does not by itself make you money, and I don’t want to talk about popularity or quality only while under the justification of monetization.

To that end, I think I’ll rename the series to “Successful Freeware Project Tips”, and then at the beginning of each article I’ll notarize which bucket(s) the tips go into.

In conclusion, you should be looking forward to the new Tohuvabohu album by KMFDM, set to be released later this month. They’ve got a few preview tracks on their MySpace page.

(Actually, that’s completely unrelated. I’m just a big fan of KMFDM. QED.)