I finally found/made some time and added a search box to the Paint.NET Help. It was pretty simple to do in all honesty, it’s just something that I’d been procrastinating for a very long time.

Plus, it took a bit to find the right program on Google’s page because the default “search stuff” in AdSense only lets you specify a domain and not a directory (I could not specify http://www.getpaint.net/doc/en and would have had to set up an alias such as http://help.getpaint.net). I had to find the “custom search engine” stuff that would let me also add in a block of Javascript to the website. I got there from google.com, clicking on “Business Solutions”, then “Web Search and Site Search”, then finally “Custom Search.” Then I had to go through some workflow to configure everything and link it to my AdSense account. Why wasn’t it just built in to the AdSense control panel to begin with!?

So, note to Google: please consolidate the search engine stuff in to one place in a way that makes sense to publishers!

Please excuse the awesome layout of the help file, I am definitely not a web developer …