Updates for Paint.NET 2.5 – 2.64 are working again

I was told earlier today that an old copy of Paint.NET wasn’t updating, along with the fact that the version was 2.63. This was a version that is pointed at the old Paint.NET website, http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net, for the update manifest, and that manifest has not changed since 3.0 was released. The problem is that the manifest was pointing at a copy of 3.0 that was sitting on my site, but I had long since deleted the file to make way for 3.01 through 3.08!

The file is back up and so older Paint.NET clients will now update just fine. It will offer you an update for 3.0, but will actually download and install 3.08. So if you know someone who was trying to update an old install of Paint.NET but it wasn’t working, then encourage them to try again!


3 thoughts on “Updates for Paint.NET 2.5 – 2.64 are working again

  1. janettsue says:

    I just got Paint.Net and successfully completed my frist project. I have had a computer for about a year and the whole world seems new to me. Starting from scratch it has been a struggle to learn new things but so worth it. I think I am going to have fun learning to use paint.net. Thanks so very much to the maker of this program and all of those who spend time on tutorials.
    (I did a very small project with the aid of a tutorial)

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