Paint.NET … as seen on TV!

A CBS affiliate in California had a short segment on free software, and they mentioned Paint.NET. There’s an online article by Jeanette Pavini that also includes a short clip from the TV broadcast.

Denny Arar of PC World magazine said a software program called offers good features for digital photographers.

“It’s an amazingly capable image-editing application. It does all the cropping, color correction — things you used to have to pay to get in software,” Arar said.

Maybe the Paint.NET logo should have a “As see on TV!” sticker J </kidding>


One thought on “Paint.NET … as seen on TV!

  1. Adam Moore says:

    That had good reporting on, but had some of the worst reporting on everything else. Aren’t you glad Google came around so you can think about releasing open source software.

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