It’s April and we finally have some sun in Seattle and I haven’t posted in awhile.

Paint.NET runs pretty well with Parallels on my MacBook Pro, although there’s a few quirks to squash. Hmm … they have an affiliate program. I smell a revision to the System Requirements coming soon. Do you know how many requests I get for a Mac version of Paint.NET? :)

“Should Competent Programms be “Mathematically Inclined”?” — Absolutely, Jeff. I can’t believe anyone would question this. “Math is hard, let’s go shopping!” *faceplant*

Paint.NET v3.5 is coming along, but slowly. I haven’t had as much time or motivation, and it’s difficult when you don’t have a build that works because of ancillary code you broke in areas that you don’t really like (the Recolor tool comes to mind).

Blackjack is fun, especially when you’re winning.

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